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We’re not all one and the same. Our lifestyles vary. Our nutritional needs differ. Your diet is probably different from your best friend’s. We can personalise your plan to give your body the nourishment it needs.


How it Works

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    What could your body and mind do with a boost of?
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    Which plan works for you?
  • Time to test

    Sit back and wait for the door to knock. Edit or cancel your subscription anytime.

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Our range is specially formulated with essential vitamins and minerals for specific areas: skin, hair, nails, metabolism, energy levels, immune system and mental alertness. Ready to feel good? Go forth and check them out.
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Select Your Plan From £35 per month

We have bundles designed for the individual. Simply pick based on the areas of your life that need a Vitami-style boost.

Your Free Tester Pack Only £4.99 for delivery

As the saying goes ‘when you know, you know.’ And we want you to experience Vitami to fully get the benefits. Our trial pack gives you a 7-day tester bundle delivered straight to your door. One sachet for 7 days: that’s all it takes to start feeling and seeing results. Your trial will then convert into a vitamin-packed £44.99 per month subscription, giving you all the nutritious supplements you need every day. If you don’t want to carry on improving your glow, remember to opt out before the trial is over.