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FEEL GOOD LIFE <small>Green Apple</small>


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Lethargic. Stressed. Out of shape. This is how you feel when your metabolism is sluggish. With daily life pressures, it can be tricky to factor in a healthy routine to get out of the rut.

Now, our hydrating water-soluble sachet can be your new daily “feel good habit”. 

It’s an all-in-one vitamin supplement that gives your metabolism a natural boost, lifts your energy and helps you get into shape.

Supermarket fruits and veg can lack essential nutrients, causing your body’s metabolism to slow down. Vitami Feel Good Body gives it a daily kick-start, to be a lean, supreme, healthy machine.

The water-soluble sachets will quickly become part of your daily routine: mix with water, stir it up, drink and savour.

Feel Good Benefits

Vitami replenishes your body with essential vitamins and minerals, to give you long-lasting energy and a boosted immune system. You’ll quickly notice a spring in your step and the money you’ve saved on Kleenex.
  • Gluten-Free
    Under 20 Calories
    Natural Ingredients
    No Added Sugar
    Made in the UK
    No Artificial Colours
  • Matcha Tea, Glucomannan, Green Coffee, Green Tea, Cinnamon, Cayenne, Spirulina

Your Questions, Answered

  • Not at this stage, as there are some vital ingredients in Vitami products such as marine collagen. Although we’re not vegan-friendly, we do make every effort to ensure that all Vitami ingredients are sustainably sourced. We are also researching vegan-friendly products for future development.

  • FEEL GOOD SKIN is gluten-free as it contains no added wheat, barley or rye. Who needs any of those bulky ingredients nowadays anyway?

  • We promise you all Vitami products will all be sugar-free, forever and ever! We only use a teeny bit of stevia to sweeten it a little bit. #guiltypleasures

  • Sadly, it’s impossible to extract some of our compounds organically, as they don’t naturally occur in the wild. However, all of our products are sourced with care and patience to deliver the best product possible.


Feel Good Range